👋Welcome to Confidently

What is Confidently?

Confidently is a platform designed to help fight fake news and misinformation.

Our main goal is to create an open platform for news discussion and verification.

Confidently allows everyone to post news articles and lets field experts chime in with their comments. User contributions are then combined with data indicators in order to produce a final score about the news truthfulness.

How does it work?

The aim of the Confidently project is to create a collaborative platform for the detection of fake news.

Our model proposes a validation flow in multiple steps:

  • Data Input: news are ingested in the platform via user submission of an URL or using social post feeds and RSS feeds

  • Expert Engine: news are validated through both collaborative effort of human validators, NLP models and external reporting tools

  • Confidently Score: the final result is a numerical score of news trustworthiness

The key differences between Confidently and similar platforms are:

  • presence of a blockchain and utility token to create an internal economy and reward news validators

  • the ability to send removal notices to hosting providers of misleading or potentially harmful content: this way the news is not only detected as fake but it also acted upon and removal is attempted

  • the use of academic credentials verification to determine which users have the most in-depth knowledge of a field and assign them to a particular news as "supervalidators"

Who is our average user?

  • Press agencies and news aggregators: they will benefit from a feed of curated and validated news

  • Freelance journalists, bloggers, researchers: they can put a Confidently badge on their website to show their trustworthiness

  • Experts of a subject: can contribute to news validation according to their expertise and earn tokens

  • Holders, supporters, traders: crypto fans who can support the utility token and sustain the platform economically, even without playing an active role in news validation

Who can sign up to Confidently?

Confidently is currently in private beta phase, invite-only.

What's the release roadmap?

By late 2023 we intend to move from private to public beta, and to launch the final product by 2024. Your feedback is vital in this phase.

💡Key Concepts

Getting Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.

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