💡Key Concepts


Before you start to contribute, it's important to grasp the basic terminology you will encounter on the platform:

  • Pool: a Pool is a "container" of the news itself and related discussions around it. When you submit a news, you're creating a new pool of work that includes the news data itself (author, text, publisher...), user comments and scores and externally fetched indicators about the news.

  • Indicators: by indicators we mean externally fetched data that may help you gauge the news truthfulness more accurately. These indicators include, for example, domain score and reputation, information about the publisher and presence of the domain in known fake news blacklist.

  • Work Feed: contains threads of comments and revisions posted by an user and allows you to interact with them by upvoting or replying

  • Validation: news validation is our process of certifying the accuracy and truthfulness of a news.

  • Validator: a Validator is an user who contributes to validation of a news. All users join with the Validator role.

  • Supervalidator: an user with deep expertise in a certain field who can act as moderator and mark a news Pool as Certified. Users can apply as Supervalidators after at least one month of using the platform actively.

  • Blockchain: in our implementation, it's used to store the transaction log of all actions performed by users on pools.

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